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We have tried to put together some of the best free bible study resources that can be found on the Internet.

These resources have been provided to aid in studying the Bible. However, everyone is called to "..(t)est everything that is said. Hold on to what is good." (1 Thessalonians 5:19 - NIV) The content of these resources does not necessarily reflect the views of Oakdale Community Church and are provided for informational purposes only.

e-Sword Home

Highlights from a review of e-Sword by Richard Jones. To read his full review, please click here.

If you want a free yet extremely versatile Bible software program, e-Sword may be what you’ve been looking for. It can be easily downloaded, and installation is a breeze, thanks to the self-extracting feature build into the basic program. This software is a pleasure to use and offers a large selection of add-on modules, all self-extracting, that are available for easy downloading.


In addition to Bibles, a number of commentaries can be downloaded and added to the basic e-Sword program... You can also download a number of dictionaries to further supplement the e-Sword program. All are free of charge.


Copying Bible, Commentary, or Dictionary text to your printer is very straightforward as well. It’s also easy to make your own set of personalized notes to accompany Bible verses. Your notes can also be printed if desired, either alone or with accompanying Bible text.


These and many other features (too numerous to mention in this review) make e-Sword one of the best Bible software bargains available. This free software compares favorably to other programs costing several hundred dollars.

e-Sword Home

bibletools.org logo

BibleTools.org is dedicated to assisting individuals with their personal Bible study through providing reputable Bible resources and study tools.

BibleTools.org has an incredible amount of free topical bible studies. It allows you to study about a particular subject in the bible. For example, say you wanted to learn more about prayer, you could access that topic and study it through the context of the Bible. They have topical studies ranging from Aaron to Zuzims; so if you are looking for a topic to learn more about, they probably have it.

They also have many of the same resources as the e-Sword software, but it is completely on-line so you do not need to download anything.
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